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                         What is Digital Marketing?

 Digital Marketing Course in Jammu

Digital marketing is a medium through which we can promote online any product or service and then we can sell . These days, people do too much research on online, no matter what to buy architectural or service, whether to buy a house or cake, they research online by most mobile or computer . Of course,  It plays an important role in the digitalization of the Internet in forums . 80-90% people use through digital to most services, such as online shopping, ticket booking, bill payment, phone recharge, online transactions and more . Now it’s a question that arises, what is digital marketing?

Selling online through its services and digital source products are added digital marketing in which the Internet plays a very important role .These online effective way to reach new customers and so it is also called online marketing . It takes more time to fully implement. In 1980 , some initiatives  takes that were the ones that did not pass .Then again in 1990, they try and digital marketing was success  . Whether they alone business, the small entrepreneur or large company, digital marketing help in reaching mostly the right people in a short time . So it is New technology which can reach more people .

To remain in the modern world should use these new methods we have the abundance use whatever digital marketing including Internet that help . Willingness and ability to time the logo is too low and Discussion on marketing activities less . In fact, to get an appointment with the logo is not easy . It enables the other hand, digital marketing and a person by the online marketing social networking sites to build relationships with other people, while other activities .Given this feature, cost effective and less time being the use of digital marketing day by day grows .

                  What is the Importance of  Digital Marketing?


digital marketing courses in jammu


Digital marketing practitioner and client enables you to work with both the highly feature . People can raise it without market sales of your business products and services . Some Google and they served you’re willing to buy . In short, Digital Marketing

 . Saves time

. Money saves

. Stateliness increases

. Provides measurable results

 .Buyers and sellers can easily introduce

In short, digital marketing is the only source of better results through which can be brought into less spending and less time consuming.


 Demand of Digital Marketing in the Current and  the Future:-

digital marketing courses in jammu

We have seen many changes over the past few years, and all these changes is universally . There was a time when selling products or services through barter and is now available online through the Internet these days, everything .

The Internet is a wonderful platform for the living world people to connect with each other, which was not possible . Internet is a medium because the seller can be made better harmonized through the middle regular conversations with customers .

Digital marketing effectiveness can be observed on the rapid sale of products and services . First, manufactured products were studied in warehouses for a long time and could not have lived decaying because their sales time . The products were used with the help of offline advertising to sell that could be very costly and reached ads few people . Those ads are not effective in accordance with its value .These days, it is not accessible from the various search engines such as Google, with the help of Facebook, YouTube and so much more reasonable . Products now look more and more to the right people . By these right people because of online distribution can be immediately transported and can be paid online in token . Therefore, there can be the entire work easier by not requiring physical presence and digital sources .

Money back, with convenient substituting and return policy, sell more effective products . Digital marketing is based on a common line – “who looks she sells” . People these days are so much aware of anyone not disclosed in this web world any incorrect information vendor and businessman . Can ban on cyber policies to help the search engines false profile that any given customer or viewer complaints .

In the future business will be based on online visibility and overall efficiency . Indeed, will upgrade and find the right products and services with accurate information due to modernization of the logo at the right time .

Digital Marketing abundance aspect :


digital marketing courses in jammu

It is not only possible Internet without digital marketing and therefore called the “Internet Marketing. Its purpose is to sell products online and   hence it is also known by the name of “online marketing” .Digital marketing is not based on the same model or strategy, the abundance that is the essence of technical and non-technical activities: –

1.Search engine optimization

2,Social Media Optimization

3.Email Marketing

4.Video Promotion and YouTube Marketing

5.Affiliate Marketing

6.Pay Per Click

7.Online Reputation Management

8.App  Promotion


SEO: These are optimized using the right keywords for a technological source which website algorithm of search engines . SEO is a lot that all on-page and off-page joint activities which website helps to bring the search engine’s first page on, as well as website helps to bring more traffic and appropriate professional Leads in . In short, this work helps to increase the overall performance of the website .


SMO: Social Media meets the only source is the chance to stay connected with Facebook plentiful logo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and by other sites  . These sites are now business development and marketing . Advertisers can promote with the help of protesters advertising your business products and services that would otherwise be visible to the user after a certain time interval. The more people accessing and unique way to bring more business to reduce costs .


Email Marketing: Its function information of the company’s products to get into the inbox of your mail . Whenever a company’s new products or start the service, or take out a new plan, that it all feels Information much right to send by mail because it can be delivered information to a lot of people together . It’s also a great way of marketing .

Video Hype: If we speak of the promotional video, YouTube is a medium through which they can to promote the best possible manner the products and services because traffic in large quantities in these videos . The ads on the YouTube video promoting the videos can be interested to buy viewers and users of products and services . In short, this is a much better source of branding .

Affiliate Marketing: Do you remember the marketing you have to admire people from the mouth? Affiliate marketing anything to benefit all sales each affiliate marketers by which this kind of marketing as well . If you have your own house is a YouTube through or the website of a blog in which more traffic, you can also link the product to advertisers in those mediums can put on and take some profit on every sale .


PPC and Pay Per Click: takes time a little bit to bring organic results while PPC is a resource that can make any marketer immediately take a professional lead on pay per click by . The module takes a few payments on every click and also easy to measure did business by . Early traders PPC services as well as to be able to get away Leads in order to start using and trade and development .


ORM:-and make the online reputation management website is not enough to bring up the situation . Full and positive online visibility and must be . A negative can review or dropped acting to respond Website . Therefore it is necessary to be aware of ORM services because it is positively help brand the business pushes back negative reviews .


App Marketing :-App is the only source through which you can live a long time in anyone’s mobile phone and she could never buy its services . Using the app is finding increasing day . If no one gets rich in good then it app is the relationship and the rest of the business, such as the promotion of the business by her like Amazon, Flip kart, Paytm, etc.


Digital marketing can be used to market by other sources?

blogging courses in jammu

Think too much of your site its time to market and get money . To reduce the cost of marketing and to get good results, digital marketing can also be used through other sources .

.The company brochure or information booklet sent by News later.

.More traffic to the website it  give you put your content or ads.

.Attribution as much by the traffic by following the model and can be inquired about gainer website . Nothing can be       known about the customer interest with the help of online tools .

Which you should try to us online, we take recourse to moral paths to be confident in long run . If you are good to serve our clients, our customers will be well developed rate long-term . Each maintained online as the credibility of business is the duty that the customer will see his ads to buy products .CONTACT ON :-


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Advanced Programme in Digital Marketing for UG,PG Programme in Digital Marketing and Branding for Graduates

  •  Today, Digital Marketers  need to know  all. The challenge is to consistently stay ahead of the curve for which you need to learn much more than just the basics.
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Programme Objective is to:-


3 -A Private, 




Canal Road Nawabad,Jammu


Indian Institute of Management Jammu
Old University Campus,
Canal Road, Jammu-180016.

Digital marketing courses in jammu


.Introduction to Digital Marketing
.Marketing Planning and Strategy
.Website Optimization
.Digital Advertising (PPC, Digital Display and YouTube)
.Affiliate Marketing
.Email Marketing
.Mobile Marketing
.Social Media Marketing
.Web Analytics
.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
.Content Marketing
.E-Commerce Marketing

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